IAME Asia Cup @Singapore

IAME Asia Cup this weekend at KF1 in Singapore. Heavy rain during the Cadet & Seniors made for thrilling if heart-stopping finals. Congrats to: Adrian Hassan for 5th in Juniors. Adrian Ferguson for 3rd in Veteran and 4th in Masters. Akheela Chandra for 4th in Seniors. Prassetyo Hardja for 3rd in Seniors.

IAME Asia Final 2018

Great weekend (November 24-25) at the Bira International Kart Circuit in Thailand for the IAME Asia Final 2018. Mixed bag of results for the twenty Stratos G51 team entries (Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, France and Japan). But all had a great time, and it was a great learning experience for those in their first overseas …

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RMC Round 6 @Elite

Final round (6th) of Rotax Asia 2018 was run this weekend at the Elite track. Weather could have been kinder – Saturday afternoon was washed out, making Sunday cramped as 4 of Saturday’s heats were held over until Sunday morning. The bad weather loomed again on Sunday afternoon with the final race for DD2 being …

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X30 Grand Final @Le Mans

Awesome fourth position for Prassetyo Hardja @prazz.z in the Super Shifter category final (October 14) of the Iame International Final here in Le Mans caps off a great week for the whole Stratos team! Big thanks to the everyone including SG Drivers for their help. A first podium for an Asian driver in the X30 …

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X30 SEA Round 6 @ Bira

Senior, Master and Shifter South East Asian X30 Champions! Thank you to the whole team, drivers mechanics, coaches and everyone who has helped along the way behind the scenes. Been a tough year with some very tough competition throughout, now on to Le Mans for the grand finals with our drivers who have qualified.

RMC Round 4 @ Shah Alam

It was Round 4 of Rotax Asia this weekend (August 18/19) at the Shah Alam Circuit. We had a wet start to the event on Saturday, then a very hot and dry Sunday. Still not able to refind that elusive top step but all in all not a bad weekend. Our trophies: Yuki Mishima, 2nd …

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X30 SEA Round 5 @ Shah Alam

X30 Southeast Asia Round 5 @ Shah Alam (July 28/29) – fielding 20 karts was a huge task for the Stratos G51 team but we did it! Huge thank you to all concerned – team bosses, mechanics, helpers, drivers, families, friends and the organizers. Congrats to our trophy winners: Prassetyo Hardja, 1st in Shifter category …

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RMC Round 3 @ Sepang

Round 3 of Rotax Asia was this weekend (July 14/15) at Sepang. Weather was kind – not too hot, breezy and the rain stayed away. We entered six drivers – Rakamulya Wardhana, Yuki Mishima and Akhmad Gunadi in Seniors, Ming Ong and Prassetyo Hardja in DD2, and Raja Ariff in his first drive in Juniors. …

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X30 SEA Round 4 @ Sepang

X30 Southeast Asia Round 4 at Sepang Circuit this weekend (June 30/July 1): with 15 karts in the Stratos G51 tents, it was a busy weekend. The weather threw a mixed bag at us – wet, drying and dry, making tyre choice and strategy a challenge. The usual ups & downs but our trophy haul: …

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X30 SEA Round 3 @Thailand

Time to update for last weekend’s X30 SEA in Bira Thailand. Our number one goal this weekend was to find the pace that we lacked so much the last time we were there. However I think our goal next time needs to be to get the results to back that up. Not a totally horrible …

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