IAME Asia Round 6

IAME Asia Championship for 2019 is a wrap after the race this last weekend at Sepang Circuit. An exhausting weekend for all in the hazy conditions but we are delighted to have come away with a great haul of trophies. Sincere thanks to the whole team and organizers for the hard work all year. Now we head to the IAME Grand Finals in Le Mans next month. Good luck to our drivers!

Round 6 Trophies:
Sophia Zara 1st place SIC Rookie Category B
Ariff Azmi 2nd place SIC Junior
Daniel Martin 1st place Clubman
Tom Phillips 2nd place Clubman
Ryoma Henzen 4th place Junior
Arata Endo 5th place Cadet
Eris Mahpud 1st place Veteran
Adrian Ferguson 3rd place Veteran
Mark Domaschenz 1st place Masters
Eris Mahpud 2nd place Masters
Adrian Ferguson 4th place Masters
Alex Huang 2nd place Senior
Prassetyo Hardja 4th place Senior
Ayato Iwasaki 5th place Senior

Championship Trophies:
Mark Domaschenz 1st place Masters
Adrian Ferguson 3rd place Masters
Eris Mahpud 4th place Masters
Prassetyo Hardja 1st place Senior
Ariff Azmi 2nd place in SIC Junior